Top 5 Apps For College Students

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While in college, students are going to study (last minute), party (even on a Wednesday), and all the while their phones will be close at hand, ready to capture and share every moment.

During their downtime, many hours will be spent with phones hanging just in front of their faces, opening apps, only to close them and open them again a minute later. Some browse their favorite sites, some are social media powerhouses, and countless selfies will be taken.

At some point, college kids are going to get bored and are going to need something new to consume their time; well, here are five apps with which you can delay doing homework or before you go out for the night.

#1: Yik Yak

You can kill some serious time on this bad boy. In case you haven’t heard of it already, Yik Yak is an app that lets users post to a local bulletin anonymously. An example of a post would be “I hate my roommate’s friend soooo much”.

For the most part posts consist of questions regarding sex, dating, classes, and the occasional shoutout to someone who looked extra attractive that day. Posts calling Netflix “bae” is quite common as well.

Essentially this app is anonymous Twitter. Posts are limited to 200 characters, and can be up and downvoted; five downvotes and the post is removed from the timeline.

This app is great for asking questions you might be embarrassed to even ask your friends, and the community is actually pretty kind, despite it being anonymous. One would think that people would take advantage of that feature and just rip people apart, but trolls and jerks are seldom seen.

If you find yourself with a two hour break in between classes, download this app and feel free to be humourous, ask a question you’ve been dying to receive an answer to, or even send out a shoutout to some you feel is looking pretty hot that day.

#2: Google Docs

Google is so clutch with this, like you have no idea. One of the best features about Google Docs is the ability to share a document with a seemingly endless amount of people.

You know what this means; online study/collaboration groups! If there’s a test coming up and the teacher’s posted a study guide, create a doc and share it with people in your class.

Each person will type in all of the term definitions or answer any essay questions that could be on the test as well. Don’t know the answer to a particular question? Well, there’s always at least one person who does.

This makes group projects easy as well, as your group can share docs and write up that project proposal at the same time, all the while being miles away from each other. If you don’t feel like wearing pants that day, no problem, just collaborate from your laptop or your phone!

#3: Snapchat

If you’re in college chances are you have this app. Snapchat is a great way to communicate with friends, as sending a selfie with a caption is so simple and more interesting than simply reading a text message.

If you’re not the relationship type, but still have needs that need fulfilling, sending a nude or enticing selfie is easy and safe, what with the whole ephemeral feature that sets Snapchat apart from any other form of social media.

College students love to party, and posting to your Story with a photo or video of a party you’re at is a great way to let friends know what you’re up to. If you send a drunk selfie, no problem, cuz that bish evaporated into the nothing seconds ago.

#4: Mathway

Let’s face it, math s​ucks. I​t’s probably one of the worst things humans have ever done (although it’s one of the most important and crucial things we’ve ever done).

If you’re a math major, I’m sorry. If you’re a business major, I’m sorry. At some point during your college career you’re gonna have to do some math. If you’re like me, you suck at it and you’re gonna need some help.

Luckily some people created this app that helps you solve problems instantly, and whether you’re doing algebra, geometry, trig, calc, stats, finite math, and even chemistry, you can get an answer in seconds.

You can also pay for a subscription that will show you every step in a problem to help you wrap your mind around all that crap. Math sucks, but Mathway makes it s​ooo m​uch easier.

#5: EasyBib

College requires students to write so many papers, and pretty much none of us know how to cite sources we find. We learn how to do it one semester, but after summer goes by all of the stuff we learned goes into a dark corner of our minds in which nothing comes out after it goes in.

Our memories pertaining to creating citations go to this place. EasyBib helps you create citations easily; while on the app or in your browser, you can enter in the title of a book for example, and out comes a perfect citation!

Sadly, it is up to you to format those citations to MLA or APA, but there are other sites that help you with that. But with EasyBib, a lot of the work is already done for you.


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